HXT™ Drill Pipe

A patented Hunting design that is an exclusive in the HDD industry. The HXT? Drill Pipe is built to the same standards as the HIWS1 while offering a patented design to increase torque capabilities as it resists flaring.

The HXT? is also designed with larger IDs to allow an increase in flow capacity.? HXT? is designed to run on higher torque machines for drilling in today's tougher conditions. The Hunting HXT? is the original top-performing high-torque drill stem on the market.

Design components of the HXT? Drill Pipe:
?? Same stabbing and make up capabilities as the HIWS1
??? Larger internal bore sizes for increased flow needs
??? Patented design for high-torque applications?
?? Internal and external upset to optimize strength and performance
??? Shot blast on connections to adhere thread compound & increase thread life?
?? Protectors applied to pin and box connections to prevent damage

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