HIWS1 Drill Pipe

The HIWS1 drill pipe is a premium stem manufactured from a special I-135-grade alloy material; heat-treated and forged, machined and inspected to precision specifications to ensure a high-quality drill pipe.?

HIWS1 is designed with a deep-stabbing course thread design that allows for faster make up and break out.? HIWS1 is the original top-performing drill pipe on the market.

Design Components of the HIWS1 Drill Pipe:
?? Steep-tapered, deep-stabbing connection
??? Fast-pitch thread for quick make up?
?? Double-shouldered design for added torque?
?? Internal and external upset to optimize strength and performance?
?? Shot blast on connections to adhere thread compound & increase thread life?
?? Protectors applied to pin and box connections to prevent damage

Product Enquiries

Sales & Support:

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