Casing and Tubing

Hunting provides a complete service throughout the tubular cycle, combining the provision of tubulars, threaded accessories and connection threading. These items are critical to every stage of the exploration and production process.

UK and Europe
Hunting has created a number of strategic alliances to ensure the consistent supply of quality OCTG from top tier mills worldwide. From high pressure high temperature wells to sour gas applications, Hunting can offer the complete range of sizes and grades to suit every purpose.

UK Thread Licenses

Asia Pacific
With facilities in Wuxi China, Singapore and Batam Indonesia, Hunting has over 160,000MT of threading capacity in the Asia Pacific region. This is supplemented by a network of thread licensees in Australia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Hunting Asia Pacific sources high quality OCTG from top Chinese mill sources, focusing primarily on Hunting SEAL-LOCK connections for full length tubular sales, with other licensed threadforms also offered on accessory components.?

Middle East / N.Africa / C.Asia
With an in-depth knowledge of the market and an active network of licensees, Hunting is ideally placed to support tubular demands. Sourcing materials from both established and emerging mill sources, Hunting can provide a full range of sizes and grades for every application.

Using a combination of material sourced from established top tier mills and the suite of connections within the SEAL-LOCK family, Hunting can offer high quality OCTG for every application, from shale plays to deep water high criticality wells. Threaded & coupled, upset, flush and semi flush casing and tubing is available upon demand.

Field Service
Hunting’s quality control does not end with the delivered product at the quayside – Hunting Field Service Technicians can assist with the final installation of tubulars on the wellsite, ensuring the integrity of the pipe and connections.

Large OD Tubulars
Driven by increasing cost and leadtime for forgings for standard weld-on connectors, Hunting has now developed a cost effective threaded supply solution for sizes of 16" through to 20" OD.

Managed Service Provision
Hunting has identified cost saving opportunities within the tubular supply chain by implementing a fully integrated model that has been optimised over the last twenty years.

For data sheets and blanking dimensions please contact your Hunting representatives.

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Product Enquiries

Sales & Support:

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